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ApacheCon 2006 in Dublin

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on June 9, 2006

So, ApacheCon is coming to Dublin at the end of June. What exactly does this mean for Ireland, if anything? Everyone knows at this stage that Ireland pretty much at the forefront of the world software scene, but I always wonder exactly how much of this spills over into open source development. I remember, when back in university, there was practically no mention at all of open source, besides being forced to use Linux for a few modules (the rest all being Borland or MS Visual Studio based). We were never actively encouraged to contribute to open source projects or use open source software. I'm not sure if this is still the case… hopefully not. (On a side note, there were always those elightened few who worked on OS projects, but that was in spite of, not as a result of the environment). Sooo….. hopefully ApacheCon will help raise some local awareness among the up and coming programmers in Dublin and beyond of the benefits/wonders/whatever of the many open source projects out there.

So, enough proselytizing for now. There's a lot of cool stuff coming up in ApacheCon. Some of the more interesting talks are:

  • Integrating AJAX and JSF and its usage inside Apache MyFaces – I've been working a fair bit recently with AJAX technologies, specifically with IBMs JSF/JWL (Java Widget Library) implementation and the open source Dojo Ajax toolkit, so it'll be interesting to see what direction Apache are moving with this.
  • An XSLT Tutorial, Including XSLT 2.0 and Publishing with Cocoon – another area of interest for me is how to take syndicated content, Atom in particular, and generate UIs from it. XSLT is one of the approaches I tried, and while very powerful, gets pretty complicated. If Cocoon can simplify the process, it could be very significant.
  • Accelerating Web Services Development with Axis2
  • AJAX development with the Kabuki project – Once again, I'm very interested in Ajax toolkits, and while I'm generally focus more on Dojo right now, the folks at Zimbra are doing some very good work, so this talk should be well worth a look.
  • Getting everything out of Apache Derby Database – I played around with Apache Derby (formerly IBM Cloudscape Java database) for the first time recently, and was pleasantly surprised to find how very simple it is to embed it in an application and have a fully functional JDBC database. You literally just slot the jar into your classpath and that's it.
  • Apps made easy with Zend Framework The good folks at Zend are the driving force behind PHP, and seem to be taking all the right steps to move it from being "just" a scripting language (albeit a phenomenally successful one) to really moving it into the enterprise, partnering with large companies like IBM, Oracle, SAP, Sun… the list goes on. They're also now giving away for free their very good Eclipse-based IDE for developing PHP apps, which this talk should talk about. Worth a look.
  • Apache Solr, a Full-Text Search Server Based on Lucene – Lucene is an amazingly well written search solution, which I've spent many a long hour working with. Still, it does/did have issues with regards to cluster support and some other barriers to its use as a web search engine. The Nutch and Hadoop projects are aimed at fixing these issues, and it'll be interesting to see how the Solr project has leveraged them for its "high volume low latency" web search engine.

Anyways, that's my €0.02, and my first blog post! Looking forward to going to the conference, should be a blast.


2 Responses to “ApacheCon 2006 in Dublin”

  1. SOS!!

    Welcoming my friend Shane O’Sullivan to the blogosphere…

  2. Pierre said


    I’m a lucky guy ;-). I have done the travel to Dublin last month for ApacheCon 2006 ;-).
    It was a great event, with a lot of good session. Sometimes the session’s titles was not well choose…

    So, if you are fluent in French :-), I have wrote an article (I’m press contact) :

    by !

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