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Abdera Atom parser gone to Apache Incubator

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on June 13, 2006

James Snell's Abdera project has been accepted as an Incubator project by Apache. Abdera is a dedicated Java-based Atom parser. Unlike ROME, a similar project whose aim is to parse all sydication formats, including all versions of RSS and Atom, Abdera instead focuses on just on Atom, which seems to one major advantage – performance.

I've played around a bit with both ROME and Abdera, and they're both quite easy to use, with quite similar structures, obviously enough designed around the Atom sydication format. However, as Rob mentions, in some initial performance comparisons, you can see a reduction of from 10 to 40 times in memory consumption, and up to 8 or 9 times in CPU cycles, which is just massive.

Abdera is still very early on in development, but it's already gotten good documentation and examples, so I'm very impressed. Handy ice breaker for ApacheCon in a couple of weeks!


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