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Dojo in .NET… Is Atlas about to drop the ball?

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on July 31, 2006

Just read about the Emergetk toolkit, bringing Dojo to .NET. Very cool idea. I wonder how this will play out against MS Atlas, Microsoft’s Ajax toolkit? They’re going to need good tooling for Visual Studio for one thing, and probably get rid of the GPL license, or else it’ll be a pretty hard sell. Still, it’s great to hear Dojo being promoted to the .NET crowd!

Here’s my comment on the subject..

Update: The GPL is now gone, they’re using the BSD license instead. Much better!

3 Responses to “Dojo in .NET… Is Atlas about to drop the ball?”

  1. Great site and interesting reading

  2. M. Ilyas said

    It’ll be really a good addon for .net… waiting for someone’s contribution to add dojo in .net…

  3. fornetti said

    I do not believe this

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