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Dojo documentation getting better by the day!

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on September 22, 2006

One of the primary criticisms of the Dojo Ajax toolkit is that it’s documentation is at best scattered, and at worst non-existant. The Dojo team, and their many partner companies recognise this fact, and are hard at work to fix it. All Dojo documentation is being consolidated into the Dojo Book, which you can find at, and it’s really starting to fill out nicely.

Another welcome addition is the Dojo Api reference, located at It’s built on top of JsLinker, a new Javascript parser developed by the Dojo team and AOL, which understands the common Dojo constructs, like how widgets are defined etc. While it’s not perfect yet (some elements don’t seem to be parse correctly), it’s definitely getting there.

One of the best kept secrets of the toolkit’s documentation (I’m not sure why it’s been kept quiet up to now… probably just an oversight) is the work that the guys on IBM’s WebSphere Portal team are doing to come up with an Eclipse help system for Dojo. It’s essentially putting the Dojo Book into the Eclipse help system, and is hosted at (Update Feb 13th 2007: this address appears to be down now) Check it out, it’s well worth a read. While it’s not a comprehensive guide to all things Dojo, it’s definitely getting there, and is being added to every day.

One slightly (and I mean slightly) funny thing is that the “Where to find Documentation” page is empty… I presume that’ll be filled in any day now 🙂


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