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The closest thing to HelloWorld tutorials in Dojo

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on October 26, 2006

Update: I have released the Dojo Demo Framework which has many, many hello world demos. For more info, see

When it comes to documentation (or lack thereof) for the Dojo Ajax toolkit, possibly the most requested item is a set of HelloWorld tutorials that explain the basics of how to get started with each and every facet of the framework, from widgets to the event system and everything in between. What many people new to the toolkit are not aware of is that this does – kind of – exist in the directory of unit tests that are available at These tests cover the basics of how to use all the different parts of Dojo, and while they’re not particularly well commented (noticing a pattern here?), they all do very simple atomic tasks that are quite easy to understand.

Alternatively, you could pull down a copy of the build from Subversion (go here for instructions how) , and all these unit tests are in the /tests folder.


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