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Jack puts the screws to Ubuntu

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on February 13, 2007

Yesterday I got the notion that it would be a good idea to practice what I preach (woohoo for open source and boohoo for M$ Windows) and install Ubuntu Edgy (release 6.10) on my Thinkpad X41 tablet PC. While all the usual reasons for this decision apply (Linux = more stable, faster, not evil etc), I must confess to being extremely superficial and drooling over the Beryl desktop, which is simply the sexiest user interface I’ve ever seen.

I’ve avoided this for a long time because the Windows XP Tablet Edition that comes with the laptop is actually quite cool, with lots nifty little tools for use with the tablets pen. However, I find that I rarely use the pen for anything overly complex (an artist I most certainly am not), and I generally use it for browsing the web and reading books. After some long put-off research (I used to tell myself I could always procrastinate tomorrow), I found that a driver does in fact exist for the tablet pen on Ubuntu, and with that my last excuse (barring laziness) was used up.

So, last night I started the process, creating the recovery disks for Windows XP, downloading and burning Ubuntu. Then Jack Bauer got in the way, and much of the rest of the night was taken up with the compulsory viewing of episodes of 24. It seems not even the mightly Ubuntu is a match for Jack’s interrogation techniques (tonight he was about to kill his own brother after torturing him, what chance do an army of open source nerds have?), so I have indeed once again procrastinated.

However, I intend to document the entire process of installing Ubuntu 6.10 on the Lenovo Thinkpad X41 in a future post, as I could not find one anywhere else. Should be fun!

Until I do get around to writing it however, here is a nice generic guide to installing Ubuntu and getting the eye candy working on it.

Update: I did get around to documenting the Ubunty Edgy install process, you can find the first post here.

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