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Ubuntu Ultimate Edition, with preinstalled coolness

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on March 2, 2007

I recently went through the relatively painless but lengthy process of installing Ubuntu 6.10 on my Thinkpad X41 and getting all the programs I want on it (you can read the instructions I posted based on it here if you like). However, I’ve just come across a distro with pretty all these programs already installed over at It contains loads of very handy programs, and also the very sexy Beryl window manager.

I haven’t tried it out myself, so caveat emptor, but if you’re thinking of installing Ubunty Edgy (6.10) and would like lots of the extras listed on that page, then it could be worth giving a go.  If you have a Thinkpad X41 and want to get it’s pen and screen features working however, you will still have to install these yourself.  I’ve posted instructions here.


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