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DojoBuilder released for Dojo 0.4.2

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on May 10, 2007

I’ve released a new version of DojoBuilder (read here if you haven’t used DojoBuilder before) that is much more compatible with Dojo 0.4.2.  The changes:

  • A number of fixes to bugs that Dojo 0.4.2’s changed build system had introduced.
  • Handling of custom external modules.
  • The ability to use the intern-strings option to copy the HTML and CSS for widgets directly into the widget’s JavaScript file to minimise the number of Ajax request at page load time.

So, head on over to for the latest version.

8 Responses to “DojoBuilder released for Dojo 0.4.2”

  1. Jim said

    I am trying to use the latest DojoBuilder but I keep getting the following problem when performing a build:

    Error in build

    Received the following error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:

    This appears to be because of a change in the Rhino API. Here is a link to the description of the changes:

    Could you give me any hints on how to work around this error?

  2. Hi, I need some more information first:
    1 – What build of Dojo are you trying to use? 0.4.1, 0.4.2, 0.4.3 etc

    2- What build profile are you using?

    3 – What options in DojoBuilder are you selecting?


  3. Jim said

    I am trying to build with version 0.4.2 of Dojo.

    It does not matter what Build Profile I choose. I have tried several, but I would like to use a custom profile. I would settle right now for the kitchen_sink.

    I am choosing the release Target Set.

    I am not modifying any of the default options. It makes no difference what compression option I choose.

    I am using a downloaded version of the Dojo source. I have also tried using the SVN option with no luck. I need to use the local source because I have modified several source file that I have found errors in.

    Every different combination of options always causes the same error.



  4. Jim said

    It seems the problem has something to do with Dojobuilder copying the custom_rhino.jar file into the .ant\lib directory. This also breaks my standalone ant installation.

  5. Jim,

    Thanks for the feedback – it only seems to be happening on Windows, not in Linux. I’m looking in to it.


  6. Jim,

    You were right, there was an issue with custom_rhino being placed in your ~/.ant/lib folder. I was only able to reproduce this issue with Dojo version 0.4.2, and it’s fixed for that now. Thanks again for the bug report.


  7. Slaven said

    Hi, does this version of dojobuilder fully support dojo 0.4.3? Also, did you make any improvements in the reliabiilty of “super-compress” option (i.e. compress all files in the dojo directory tree?)

    Thanks Shane. DojoBuilder is a great tool, we use it extensively.

  8. Hi Slaven,

    I still have to update DojoBuilder to work with 0.4.3, unfortunately. I’ll probably get around to it this week some time.

    Glad to hear that you’re finding it useful!


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