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Ubuntu on Thinkpad X41 – Working With Amarok

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on May 11, 2007

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This is one of a number of posts detailing how to install Ubuntu 6.10 (codename Edgy) on a Thinkpad X41. This post focuses on using the amazing music player Amarok. Rather than me going into the many reasons why no other music player even comes close, have a look at it’s website, or read here.


Installing couldn’t be easier. Although Amarok is techically a KDE application, and I’ve installed Gnome on my Thinkpad, it will run perfectly fine.

  1. Click Applications->Add/Remove
  2. Choose Amarok from the list on the right and click OK

Working with Sony Ericsson w810i Walkman:

I own a Sony Ericsson w810i Walkman phone which I’d like to use with Amarok. However, it doesn’t directly support this device, so some slight configuration has to take place.

  1. Open Amarok by clicking Applications->Sound & Video->Amarok. If the application doesn’t show up then it has minimised itself, and you should see a grey/blue circular icon in your taskbar. Click this and the window will show up.
  2. Connect your phone to the computer via the bundled USB cable. It should auto-mount to the two folders /media/disk (the one we’re interested in), and /media/PHONE.
  3. In Amarok, click Settings->Configure Amarok
  4. Click Media Devices at the bottom left of the configuration window.
  5. Click the Add Device button.
  6. From the drop down list, choose Generic Audio Player.
  7. In the middle text box enter the name for your device, e.g. “My Walkman”.
  8. In the bottom text box, enter the mount point for your device, /media/disk
  9. Click OK. The new device should now be listed. Now it must be configured.
  10. Click the configuration button to the left of the Remove button for your new device.
  11. Into the Song Location textbox in the bottom section put the following:
    /music/%artist/%album/%track %title.%filetype
  12. Click OK, then OK again to return to the main application.
  13. Now (and from now on) simply click the Devices button on the bottom left of the window, then the Connect button at the top left. You can then drag and drop songs into the device and transfer them by clicking the Transfer button.
  14. Enjoy the free, open source media player that puts Apple and Microsoft to shame!

Sharing Music with iTunes over a network

If you have two computers, one running iTunes and the other, more enlightened one, running Amarok, it’s possible to share music between them, which should save you the trouble of duplication space-hogging mp3 files.

  1. In iTunes, click Edit->Preferences
  2. Click on the Sharing tab.
  3. Check the two checkboxes.
  4.  In Amarok, click Settings->Configure Amarok
  5. Click Media Devices.
  6. Click Add Device.
  7. From the drodown box, choose Music Sharing and give the device a name, e.g. “Shared Music”. Click OK,then OK again to return to the main application.
  8. Click Devices at the bottom left of the window.  At the top left of the window you should see a dropdown bo – choose “Shared Music” (or whatever you called it) and you should see all shared libraries on your network.

8 Responses to “Ubuntu on Thinkpad X41 – Working With Amarok”

  1. […] Ubuntu on Thinkpad X41 – Working With Amarok […]

  2. […] Ubuntu on Thinkpad X41 – Working With Amarok […]

  3. […] Ubuntu on Thinkpad X41 – Working With Amarok […]

  4. KD said

    Simple yet brilliant post.

    Worked first time. Though one slight difference, my SD card comes up as ‘PHONE CARD’ when I plug in. So I just typed /media/PHONE CARD in Amarok instead and all worked fine.

    Thanks again.

  5. chirale said

    Great howto, I’ve experienced the same issue reported by KD. To I filled “song location” with:


    and podcast position with


    Remember to remove autodetected devices that shares the same mount point to avoid conflicts.

  6. chirale said

    *and podcast position with /mp3/ (ehrr..)

  7. Sayantan Das said

    hi, thanks for the useful info. i got my SE k850i working . i have a few issues with amarok though. I’m using ubuntu 8.04 with gnome 2.22.2. i’ve installed one script called when i run this script i get the following error “USB Device amarokscript requirement ‘kfmclient’ not found”.
    also , podcasts doesnt seem to download , whereas i’m able to play the same podcast in rhythmbox.
    i would be glad if you can help me out with these small issues.
    thanks again

  8. kfmclient is part of the konquerer browser package. I don’t know what is in that script you mention, but if it needs kfmclient, you should install Konquerer and see if that helps

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