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GreaseMonkey script to add Digg-like links to posts

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on May 22, 2007

I decided today that I wanted to put links at the bottom of each of my blog posts that would allow people to perform actions on the post, e.g:

My blog is on which doesn’t seem to have a plugin that will allow me to do this. So, I got off my ass and wrote a GreaseMonkey Firefox script that’ll do it for me. You can download this script by going to and clicking the “Install This Script” button.

The links that are inserted are at the bottom of this post. The script is open source (GPL license), so take it, play with it, whatever. If you find any bugs, please let me know by commenting on this post.
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11 Responses to “GreaseMonkey script to add Digg-like links to posts”

  1. […] Visit his blog for details. Share this post:digg it|kick it|Email it|bookmark it|reddit|liveIt […]

  2. afonso said

    Hi Shane,
    Found your scripts at .org. Does it also work on a WordPress blog hosted at their end? Just install it but can’t see the links?
    Any light

  3. Yes, it does work with the blog hosted at, which is what I’ve been testing it on. Is that the site you’re using? It adds the links to the blog post when you publish the post, not before. If you are having issues with it, can you give me more info on your setup?

    Version of Firefox
    Version of Greasemonkey

    Also, make sure that Greasemonkey is enabled.


  4. Nick said

    I installed the script and clicked on ‘Publish’. Nothing happened.

  5. alexprimo said

    Hi, I also installed it now, but nothing happened in the new post window, nor in the published post. Thanks in advance!

  6. alexprimo said

    Oh, by the way, I use Firefox and the last version of greasemonkey

  7. alexprimo said

    Oops, I am sorry! I thought the result of the script would show while you are writing the post. But the links show just after you publish the post! Sorry about that!

  8. Cool, good to hear 🙂

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