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Dojo Charting example to show website statistics

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on June 15, 2007

I’ve created an example usage of the Dojo Charting engine, which you can find at View the source to see how it works.
It’s a modified version of the unit test available with the Dojo toolkit, but used in a specific scenario – in this case, to graph the page impressions for my personal website . The JSON data on the page is dynamically generated by PHP, however all other processing is done in JavaScript.

You can filter the data to show info on any combination of pages, and also use a number of different chart types.

The code is well documented, so should be easy to follow.
Some other good examples of using the Dojo Charting engine can be found here and here.
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12 Responses to “Dojo Charting example to show website statistics”

  1. Dave b said

    Hey Shane,
    Just came across this in the dojo forums….looks cool in hte snap preview but ur servers down 😦 Ill check back later

  2. Yeah, sorry about that. The site admins have been doing some upgrading on the web server recently and it’s been up and down. Hopefully it’ll stabilise soon – it’s up right now!! πŸ™‚

  3. Gaurav Jain said

    Hi Shane,
    I visited your site and have a great experience. I want to know some thing about the implementation of Dojo javascript toolkit. can you please help me ?
    Thanks in advance….

  4. Hi Gaurav,
    If you have a specific question about how I have implemented the Charting example, I will be glad to answer it. If you have other questions, you should direct them to the Dojo help forums ( – I monitor them, and if I know the answer I will reply, as will others of the thousands of people who participate in the forums.
    Please be very specific when describing your issues. Providing detailed example code for the problem you are having also helps solve it more quickly.

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