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Dojo theme browser shows off Dijit widgets

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on August 17, 2007

The Dojo/Dijit (Dojo’s widget project) toolkit has created a page where you can view many of their widgets using the four CSS themes written so far for Dojo. This is cool for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it showcases the excellent work the Dijit developers have put into new themeing skins. There are three themes completed so far, and changing the look of Dojo is now as simple as including a different CSS file on your web page. All Dijit widgets now run off a single CSS file, rather than each having their own CSS file.

Secondly, it shows the usage of many of Dijit’s widgets (say that five times in a row! 🙂 ). Many of the demos from the 0.4.* days are gone now, and this is about as comprehensive a demo of Dojo’s widgets as you’re likely to see for a while. And yes, they are very nice indeed.

Go to to see the default theme (tundra) in use. Click on the “Alternate Themes” tab at the bottom of the page to switch themes to one of the alternate themes.


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2 Responses to “Dojo theme browser shows off Dijit widgets”

  1. Lance Spellman said

    I appreciate the link a bunch, but wish that it was more fully functional before “showing off” to the general public. The only theme that appears to actually work is Tundra. Testing with FF2, the Noir theme is completely non-functional, and the the other theme has a number of areas that look clunky or are non-functional, such as no slider control on the sliders. Aside from that, it’s nice to see a demo site of some of the dijits to play with.

  2. The main reason I posted the link was, as you mentioned, to show the dijit widgets off. The theme stuff was cool, but secondary. As for showing it off, technically it’s never been mentioned in public, I just noticed it in a mail thread and thought it’d be an interesting demo of the 0.9 widgets. So, glad you enjoyed it, but yet, it has some way to go yet.

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