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Upgrading Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) to Gutsy Gibbon (7.10)

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on October 18, 2007

Today I’ve begun the process of upgrading my Ubuntu installation of version 7.04 to version 7.10. To see my previous tutorial of getting Ubuntu installed on my IBM Thinkpad X41, see

This post lists whatever issues I found when upgrading, and my solutions to them. For the official instructions, see

Third Party software sources cause problems

My first problem was caused by having links to third party software distribution sites. When running the “update-manager -d” command, I received an error, saying the dbus couldn’t run.

This was caused by having third party software sources enabled that no longer existed, for whatever reason.

To fix this:

  1. click “System/Administration/Software Sources”
  2. Click the “Third-Party Software” tab
  3. Deselect any non-Ubuntu software sources. You can always reselect them after the upgrade

Modifying the software channels gets stuck

When the second step in the “Distribution Upgrade” application is running, that is, the “Modifying the software channels” step, it got stuck downloading files. It would say

Downloading file 36 of 97

and stay at that number for a long time. This was not a bandwidth issue, it simply stopped. To fix this

  1. Click the “Cancel” button.
  2. Run the “update-manager -d” command again.
  3. Repeat this each time it gets stuck downloading files. I had to do this four times for it to work completely.

Dual monitors didn’t work correctly

When booted up with an external monitor plugged in, the desktop was fixed at 640 * 480 pixels resolution. I found someone else with a similar issue at , but their solution didn’t work for me. I solved this by:

  1. Unplugging the monitor.
  2. Restart the machine, and log in.
  3. Click “System/Administration/Screens and Graphics
  4. Click the “Graphics Card” tab.
  5. Click the “Driver” button
  6. From the “Driver” dropdown list, choose “i810 – Intel Integrated Graphics Chipsets
  7. Restart the machine.

Compiz has problems with dual monitors

Compiz (the 3D graphics stuff) causes problems and refuses to work at all if I am using dual monitors. Still working on this one.

Some Eclipse plug-ins no longer work

As a Java developer, I often use the Eclipse development platform. I include some non-standard plugins in the application, like plugins for Subversion support. However, when Ubuntu is upgraded to 7.10, the base Eclipse platform in upgraded, but not the non-standard plugins, which stops some of them from working.

Update: actually, this didn’t fix my Eclipse problems, please ignore πŸ™‚

The solution is to upgrade the plugins in the usual Eclipse manner:

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Click Help/Software Updates/Find and Install
  3. Click Finish
  4. Wait a while…

Running low on disk space after upgrade

My laptop was running out of disk space after the install, as it downloaded quite a few packages. I found a very good blog post on how to clean up your Ubuntu install at

Make sure to read comment #7 also, that alone saved me 1GB.

Some Thinkpad features no longer work

I found that some things didn’t work that did work before, for example the stylus pen and the middle ‘scroller’ button of the mouse.Β  If this happens, just reapply the settings I describe here, as the upgrade removed them. This solved the problems for me.

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28 Responses to “Upgrading Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) to Gutsy Gibbon (7.10)”

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  2. Lucen said

    THANK YOU! Your advice helped with errors I was having with the upgrade. Thank you very much!

  3. You’re very welcome. Glad I could smooth the path a little πŸ™‚

  4. Woo! Thank-you so much!

    PS: Ubuntu rawks ;D

  5. George said

    Just to say that if anyone’s getting a “Error authenticating some packages” message when attempting the upgrade, try changing your server in the “Download From” section of Software Sources (System > Administration > Software Sources). It’s probably just a problem with your current mirror.

    Thought this was as good a place as any to post it. What with me looking here for a solution.

  6. Hi George,

    Thanks for that – all pointers are welcome


  7. George said

    Should have said “Here’s where helped me get to that“.

  8. Matt said

    This was the only site to have a clear answer to the annoying “error authenticating some packages” during a routine update.


  9. Hi Matt

    You’re welcome, glad I could help πŸ™‚


  10. Eddie said


    I have an X41 Tablet PC coming back to me from a friend of mine (I lent it to her to finish her thesis but now she’s done with her thesis). I want to try putting Ubuntu on the X41 Tablet PC. This X41 Tablet only has 512 MB of RAM on the motherboard so I’m going to buy 1GB for a total of 1.5 GB. Also, I’m thinking of upgrading the internal drive from the 4,200 RPM to the 5,400 RPM. How much RAM and what type of hard drive do you have in your X41 Tablet? Some more questions:

    * If I start out with Gutsy Gibbon is that ok, or do I need to go through the upgrade sequences going back to 6.10?

    * What PDF reader do you recommend that works great on Ubuntu? I would like to do a lot of PDF reading with the Tablet (especially considering how lightweight it is with the regular battery).

    * Is there any open source software that can be useful similar to Microsoft’s OneNote? What I really hate about OneNote is that it saves in a proprietary format. The best would be if there was a pen input option for something like OpenOffice (and then it could be saved in OpenDocument format).

    * Is there a Beryl theme for NeXTSTEP or OpenSTEP? That would really rock (and a great way to give Steve Jobs trouble for not coming out with a tablet Mac)!

  11. Hi Eddie,

    I have 1.5Gb on my tablet, but Ubuntu has never used more than 600 megs of that, and that was with Eclipse and a web server running, along with Tomcat and Open Office.

    Starting with Gutsy Gibbon should be just fine. However, I’m not sure how many of my original instructions are still relvant/necessary. Obviously I haven’t done a full reinstall for each release, so i don’t know.

    I just use the standard PDF reader that comes with Ubuntu.

    For OneNote – I don’t know. I don’t know enough about OneNote to comment. (Google is your friend πŸ™‚ )

    No idea about Beryl for NeXTSTEP or OpenSTEP… but I doubt it.


  12. Eddie said


    Thanks for the heads up — I just got my X41 delivered to me today (hurray!). Now, I am wondering, what do you make of this article on Slashdot about the debate that Ubuntu might be “thrashing” the hard drives of laptops? … do you have any suggestions on how to use the Power Management software in Gutsy Gibbon on the X41 to try and best utilize power and also not trash the internal 4200 rpm 1.8″ parallel ATA drive too badly?

    Thank you!


  13. Eddie,

    Congrats, it’s a nice little machine πŸ™‚ I haven’t noticed any problems with my HD, it doesn’t seem to work overly hard, and I get almost 4 hours of battery life out of the X41 (with one battery pack), so I think it’s safe to say that Ubuntu works well on the X41


  14. Eddie said


    Thanks a ton for your swift reply. I will go for it and try to install Gibbon from scratch (rather than upgrading). That we we can compare notes. Speaking of which, can I send you my notes via email? If so, you have my private email right (since I have to enter it to post a comment on your blog here?) … could you send me an email and then we can collaborate and I’d be happy to provide you with any updates for those who want to start with the X41 with Gibbon. I was really happy to receive the X41 today, its so light weight (I had forgotten how nice and light it is). It may not be as powerful at the X61 Tablet that replaces it, but I still think its a great little machine. By the way, do you use Bluetooth on Gibbon with your Tablet such as to listen to music and/or to talk to people (such as using VOIP clients on Linux like Gizmodo or Skype)? The internal microphone on my X41 is not working but the audio jack for mic input works fine, but it would probably be nice to go with a decent bluetooth headset. Oh yes, another question for you, regarding the Amarok music manager, I’m thinking of moving my music over to Gibbon with Amarok (off of an iMac with iTunes — all my music is DRM free so I am free to move it). I was thinking of getting the new and cool-looking Samsung P2 (instead of going with Apple for all things iPod, as I don’t like to be locked into systems). I have looked around but found nothing yet on Google about using Amarok with the Samsung P2. Might you have any additional info in this regard? Cheers, -Eddie

  15. Hi Eddie,

    It would be best to post any comments here, so that others can benefit from issues and solutions.

    I tried setting up bluetooth to send/receive files from my Sony Ericsson phone, but it never worked properly. I haven’t used it for anything else though.

    Amarok can communicate with many devices using the MTP protocol, which many devices support. Check out if the Samsung P2 supports that and if so, you should be fine.

  16. Eddie said


    Sounds like a plan — we shall use this forum and build our collective information about running Ubuntu on the X41 Tablet!

    By the way, I was thinking about memory. You have 1.5 GB. I can imagine that this comes in useful for running Java-based apps like Eclipse right? I have tried Eclipse but I got hooked this year on IDEA IntelliJ. It is also a Java app. Am I right in that the JVM loves memory (the more RAM the better before going out to swap space)?


    P.S. I noticed that the lower left corner of my Tablet (when the screen is black) has some light from the backlight that kind of bleeds through. Have you noticed this on your X41 Tablet? When I bought my Tablet in June 2005, it came with a three year warranty so my warranty is still valid, and I might send it in to IBM to have them look at the screen (in addition to repairing the internal microphone). I am quite curious about any backlight “bleeding” you might have on your X41 Tablet.

  17. Amanda said

    I’m sorry to be so behind on this, but did the samsung p2/amarok idea ever work out? I just bought a samsung p2, and I don’t want to have to install xp simply to update it.

  18. Hi Amanda,

    We’ll have to see if Eddie is still watching this post – hopefully he’ll have an update.



  19. Brian said


    Nice read. I have a question though:
    Does your pen function properly? I am completely unable to get mine working. I have tried in Gutsy and nothing works. I just installed Gutsy yesterday, switching from Gentoo (my pen worked fine there). I have had the pen working on this tablet with Ubuntu before (about a year ago or so, not sure of release).

    Thank You,


  20. My pen has not worked properly since I upgraded to Gutsy – it was fine on Feisty. I think it’s because I hacked at the config files to get it working in the first place, but in Gutsy it’s supposed to work without any mods. So, i think if I undo the changes I made, it might work again. I’ll try over the next week or so and see what happens.


  21. Brian said

    Hello again,

    I’d really be glad if you took a look at it. School starts monday and I want to get my tablet working. I may just have to go back to gentoo.

    I tried to rebuild / reinstall the linuxwacom drivers, but that didn’t work. Although, I’m not that savvy with ubuntu so there could be something I’m missing since I didn’t recompile the kernel. I’m pretty sure that the wacom is recognized by the kernel because if I “cat /dev/input/wacom” the screen will display input from the pen. This leads me to believe that it’s something with xorg instead. I’m not sure if I can just recompile xorg or not, or how I go about anything of the sort.

    Thank you again (and in advance) for any help you can offer. I may just go to 7.04 since you say it works. That or just back to gentoo.

    – Brian

  22. Hi Brian,

    Until I get a chance to look into it, have to look at at step 5. That was done for pre-Gutsy releases, and is apparently no longer required. If you can undo this (remove it from your xorg.conf file) it might very well fix things


  23. Hi Brian,

    I’ve gotten my tablet pen working just fine. I just reapplied the changes in url from my prev comment, and everything just worked.

    Hope you get the same results,


  24. Eddie said

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for the long delay in getting back to this mail thread. I had some emergency business stuff that took me away from getting Ubuntu installed on my X41. Now I can take another look at doing so.

    I also have not had the chance yet to get the Samsung (sorry Amanda).

    I have another question that I forgot to ask before. Does anyone know if its possible to use Gutsy on the X41 Tablet with the PC Card slot? For example, what if I want to sign up for a high speed data service through Sprint or Verizon (such as their EVDO Rev. A service?). The wireless telcos offer PC cards. If these didn’t work, then what about tethering the X41 running Gutsy with Bluetooth?

    Thanks for any additional info on these subjects!



  25. Brian said

    Thank you for your help. It appears that it is actually my tablet which is the problem, not the OS. I installed windows just to “make sure”. It blue screens anytime the pen gets recognized by the screen. I think this is a result of my hinge coming loose on the screen. I think that the wires got messed up. I’m going to have to see if IBM will warranty this. Hopefully when I get it fixed I can install Gutsy on this thing and have another go at it.

    Until then,


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