DojoX Calendar widget committed

Following on from my previous post about the cool new Calendar widget I wrote for the Dojo Ajax toolkit, the initial version has now been committed to the DojoX project.


Check out the calendar test page at

Check out the dropdown date text box at

Some more work still has to go into the widgets, including allowing individual dates to be highlighted for specific event, and perhaps including a refactoring into a series of mixin classes, but it should be in great shape for 1.2!

DojoCampus – The best Dojo learning resource is an ever-growing learning resource for users of the Dojo Ajax toolkit, and also for anyone wanting to do cool (and mundane) things with JavaScript. It is designed to complement, rather than replace, the existing Dojo documentation. It features:

  • Tutorials – examples aimed at both beginners and advanced hackers
  • Videos – step by step videos showing off Dojo capabilities, and showing how to get the most out of the toolkit.
  • Cookies – small nuggets of handy information, as discovered by Dojo hackers. These come both from the Dojo contributors, and can also be submitted by the general public through the website.
  • Feature Explorer – a great demo engine, written by myself and Nikolai Onken, that shows off most of the capabilities of the Dojo toolkit, and shows how it is done. I wrote a previous post about this here.
  • Community Polls – polls to allow the community to vote on what features they would prefer were covered next in tutorials, cookies and demos.
  • Dojo News – updates on what’s happening in Dojo-Land.

Many people have helped out on making DojoCampus what it is today, but biggest props have to go to Peter Higgins and Nikolai Onken, who have both done, and are doing, a great job.  However, it’s up to the community now to participate and make it even better.  You can:

  • Submit new Dojo Cookies
  • Submit new tutorials
  • Send in ideas about something that would make a good tutorial.  A good example is to take two technologies that may not be used together in demos or unit tests, but would complement each other.
  • Once the development environment is stable for the Feature Explorer, you will be able to submit new demos.

Dojo Ajax Demo Engine released

A great new demo engine has just been released for the Dojo Toolkit. Check it out at It is based on the initial attempt at a demo engine I wrote a few months ago, but has since been updated with new demos, and made infinitely more sexy by css/theme master Nikolai Onken.

Dojo Demo Engine

The features include:

  • Demos for all three Dojo projects – Dojo (the base toolkit), Dijit (widgets) and DojoX (all that is newest and coolest) .
  • Source views for all demos. Not only do we show what Dojo can do, we show you how to do it! The source views also benefit from the very cool dojox.highlight project, which provides client side syntax highlighting.
  • Addressability – you can link directly to a demo, as I did with the dojox.highlight link above.
  • Search feature – a combo box that you can use to quickly find a demo on any subject. For example, type “image” into the box, and you’ll be shown a list of all demos to do with displaying images, such as dojox.image.Gallery, dojox.image.SlideShow etc.
  • Cool animated menus – totally aesthetic I know, but a very pretty addition by Peter Higgins. The menus separate the three projects, providing easier, clearer navigation.
  • Link hierarchies – each set of demos can have links attached to it, for example to extra tutorials or documentation. If you click a parent of that demo, you are shown all links of all children of that section. For example, click on the DojoX link on the top of the page, and you’ll be presented with a list of all links to all DojoX projects.
  • Browser Back Button management. Using the dojo.back package, you can navigate back and forward through the application using the browser’s back and forward buttons.

The demo engine is hosted on the extremely cool Dojo Campus website, which is a new learning resource for all things Dojo. It contains videos, tutorials and much more.

This version of the demo engine has many many examples in it. However, it is only the beginning, and there is a lot of room to add more content. The next step is to open the development process for community submissions of all the cool things people have done with Dojo. We will be making available the demo engine on Subversion, and writing development and submission processes to make it as easy as possible for people to contribute.

This is gonna be big!

Update: see for the Ajaxian post.
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