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O2 Broadband Usage Checker

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on August 10, 2008

Update: This was written a long time ago, and O2 has not been kept up to date to match O2’s website.  It probably doesn’t work any more

I live in Dublin, Ireland, and due to the pathetic broadband coverage in my area (10 minutes walk from the center), I use a mobile broadband solution from O2.

This modem works most of the time, and I’m relatively happy with it.  However, customers are given a 10Gig transfer limit, which I found out recently (by being cut off with no warning) that O2 stick quite rigidly to.

The problem is that the tool that they provide to keep track of the amount you have downloaded is far from accurate.  For example, it said I had downloaded 9.5Gig when I had downloaded 17Gig!  When I complained, O2 told me I should be regularly logging in to their website to keep an eye on how much I’d downloaded – which is ridiculous of course.

Surely they could provide a tool that would tell me how much I’d actually used, and not some insanely bad approximation?

Well no, they can’t apparently.  So I’ve written one.  You can download it from . It runs a client side application that logs in to your account on the O2 website and reads your current broadband usage.

So enjoy (if you live in Ireland and use O2 broadband only of course 😉 ) . Below are some screen caps of the application.


11 Responses to “O2 Broadband Usage Checker”

  1. Help4mac said

    It’s this kind of BS that has Apple thinking they sould kicked off the iPhone bandwagon. My suggestion to you would be to set up a long range directional antenna link with a friend who has wired broadband.This will work over a very long distance. This is easiest to do configure if one point is elevated.

  2. Hmm, why don’t I just buy two walkie-talkies and get a friend to do my surfing for me? The solution here is for Ireland’s pathetic broadband carriers to get their act together and wire up my apartment. I’m not sure where you’re going with the Apple thing, it’s a bit unclear. If you’re suggesting that mobile broadband isn’t ideal, I completely agree. Unfortunately it’s the only option available to me at the moment.

  3. Help4mac said

    Up to you, but if you can (almost) legally do this then you should because it works great. From fast sites consistently download speeds are in the area of 15mb/minute.

  4. Well, I live in the city centre, so my line of sight is about 20 metres 🙂 So unfortunately I’ll have to stick with mobile broadband for now 😦

  5. […] I wonder though will us Irish ever have it as good as our UK counterparts, the variety of packages and special offers for home, mobile and other broadband services is massive, for instance (and since we’re talking about 02) check out this deal from 02 in the UK which offers free home broadband when you buy mobile broadband. Resources: Apparently the software that comes with the 02 modem does not accurately track data usage, I’ve yet to notice but Shane O’ Sullivan has written a tool which logs in to the 02 website and gets your 100% accura…. […]

  6. […] O2 Broadband Usage Checker […]

  7. nearbeat said

    Thank You for a beautiful and highly convenient App, and O2 could learn a lot about graphics off you!

  8. You’re welcome, I think 🙂 Convenient it is, beautiful it is not!

  9. dePeatrick said

    Hi Shane, I came across an article on the E270, E170 and E220 huawei modem that was written by an engineer and he said that the disconnection problem is also being caused by RF feedback down the USB cable and has a diagram of a simple RF filter that can be built to prevent this.

    I have had two usb hubs die and a hub on my macbook as well. there was an update from huawei to sort this out but all it seemed to do was reduce speeds (disconnected when speed went up to about 4MBps) down to less than 1 MBps.

    I will send you a link to it as soon as I have it again, if you are interested discovered that the only systen that I can get to work with tese models of modem is Linux with any degree of success. windows not as good and Mac gets it’s USB blown.

  10. Bosshogg said

    Nice app unfortunately too many people will come looking for it after they have been stung. I’ll add a link to it on my site. It’s utterly sickening that O2 won’t behave responsibly and make these accurate tools available to the customer up front.

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    […]O2 Broadband Usage Checker « SOS[…]…

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