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Microsoft are thieves, and I like it

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on September 9, 2008

The Internet Explorer team recently posted an article about additions to IE8 that will help Ajax developers – see . In it, they describe some of the features of Firebug that they are blatantly copying, including:

  • Script debugger –  step through your JavaScript code, place breakpoints etc.  A nice addition is coloured syntax, which hopefully Firebug will have soon.
  • Script profiler, for indentifying performance bottlenecks.

I think it’s great that MS are taking one side of the open source movement to heart – the free sharing of ideas for the benefit of all.  This will make developing web application of IE infinitely less painful (i.e. possible).

Now if only they would scratch the back of the open source community, and stop patenting and locking down every good idea to come out of Redmond, just imagine how good things could get!

Of course this is not about to happen (an open source IE?? Um, no).  But we can dream.

2 Responses to “Microsoft are thieves, and I like it”

  1. Binny V A said

    I am all for IE bashing – but in this case, its unwarranted. Those features don’t belong to Firebug – its common to every debugger out there. That said, I hope IE copies a lot from Firebug 🙂

  2. Pedro Manoel said

    If you want syntax highlight for firebug you should try I tried once, but I gave up because of performance. Maybe they already fixed that.

    It’s good to see IE trying to help developers, because it’s really a pain to debug javascript in IE, using the clumsy alert boxes… Who knows, maybe I will start to like IE that way!

    Step two, remove annoying CSS and javascript bugs!

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