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Quick Django Tip – Modulus

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on September 27, 2008

I was fiddling around with Dojo‘s Django Templating language (amazingly cool bit of tech of course), and got a bit stuck trying to do something very simple: modulus

All I wanted to do was stripe a list of elements by applying a different class based on whether a row was odd or even. It turns out the reason the answer didn’t really pop up in searches was because, in Django land, it is called divisibleby

So, if you are using a for loop in Django, to check if
(current loop index % 2) == 0
you can use

which returns either true or false.


9 Responses to “Quick Django Tip – Modulus”

  1. Carl said

    You can also use the cycle-tag in the template.

  2. Hi Carl,

    Thanks for the tip, it suits the situation much better. I’ve changed the code to use:

    <div class=”{% cycle ‘odd’ ‘even’ %}”>


  3. Bob said

    Hi Shane,
    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but could you give me a tip to solve this:

    Foo bla fla (this is my “fla” query result)

    I am using dojox.dtl and dojox.dtl.ext-dojo.NodeList, is there any way to make the html tag to work? Someone in #dojo told me to use dojox.wire, but I think there is a simple solution.

    Thanks a lot,

  4. Bob said

    WordPress understands the tag, my site not…!:)

    Actually this is my result:
    Foo bla (tag b)fla(enclosing tag /b)

  5. Bob said

    Sorry, I could have used code tag:

    Foo bla fla

  6. hi bob

    FYI, to encode a bracket for wordpress use & lt ; withou spaces between.
    The code u need is smth like
    foo blah <b>{{value}}<b>

    And feed the template with the json data

  7. Bob said

    Hi Shane, Thanks a lot :). The problem that I am facing is that I cannot place the tag inside the json result from dojo.googleSearchStore.

    So I have for example:

    The tags of google results inside the item.content don’t work. The problem is that there are bold tags inside the json data.

    Sorry if I can’t explain myself so well.

    I appreciate a lot a piece of advice, cause I don’t know what to do anymore.

    thanks again

  8. Hi Bob,

    The reason that the tags from the JSON don’t work is that DTL automatically escapes them. To disable this behavior, use the ‘safe’ command


    Also, when writing brackets for a blog post, you forgot to put a semi colon after the &lt. ‘lt’ stands for ‘less than’ so it gives you this <. If you want a greater than bracket, use &gt ;, to give you >

  9. Bob said

    Wow! It worked! Thanks a lot Shane! Next time I won’t forget the semi colon.
    By the way, I think your site is a very cool idea. The style is improving a lot too.


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