Big DaftMonkey update

I’ve added many new features to my Greasemonkey + Dojo script for Firefox and, including:

  • Price history tracking
  • Note taking for each property
  • Better UI
  • Filtering by agent

… and more.  See the video below for a rundown of its features.

Oh and yes, I’m still looking for a nice one bedroom apartment in Dublin – anybody know of one? 🙂

Flex and its schizo ComboBox

I’ve been working on Adobe Flex quite a lot recently (not by choice – those who keep my bank account from emptying told me to), and while some features are quite nice, the one thing that drove me absolutely crazy was the ComboBox.

It picks strangely arbitrary times to lose its value, changes the data that it is bound to on a whim, and generally makes your application about as predictable as a ferret with rabies.

Of course we were able to fix many of the problems by sub classing and overriding many of the functions, but this should not be necessary.

Does anyone know of a good open source implementation of a Flex ComboBox?  If so, please Please PLEASE leave a comment pointing to it.