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Cool Portlets added to Dojo!

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on June 1, 2009

Last week I put the finishing touches my Portlets for the Dojo Ajax Toolkit.  You can see them now on the test page at (it can take a while to load since it loads a hell of a lot of widgets and the code is not optimized with a build).

To see a description of what they can do, see my original post announcing them at

As a brief description, Portlets are widgets that represent individual applications used in a web portal.  They can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them around the page, and can often be customised with a number of settings.

The Dojo Portlets, in the dojox.widget project, support some useful features like:

  • Customisable settings widgets, for setting user defined options.
  • Loading Atom and RSS feeds to display as a list

and a good bit more.  See my previous post for a full description, or check out the test page.

Below you can see the Portlets using the blue Soria theme from Dojo.  There will probably be some small changes to the look and feel before v1.4 is released, but nothing major.  Note the different types of Portlets, from the Atom & RSS feed portlets on the left that can show more detail using tooltips or expandable secrions, to portlets containing generic widgets like a slideshow on the right.

Have fun!


16 Responses to “Cool Portlets added to Dojo!”

  1. Chris Mitchell said

    Looks great Shane, thanks for this contribution!

  2. Greg said

    I think you should call them Effin’ Cool Portlets. Very nice!

  3. A nice replacement for the Panel widget in IWebMvc2! I did some of the work for myself but your solution is just better in every aspect. Thanks!

  4. Thanks guys, glad you like them 🙂

  5. Pepe said

    Looks a bit like EXT, but not equally nice.

  6. Thanks for the addition Shane.

    Cool to see it in the trunk 😉 While waiting for your check-in, I did integrate part of your code in one of my prototypes. Are you interested in providing the feature to maximize a portlet view? Or in integrating code I’ve started to implement (not yet fully tested)?

    I added dojox.DataGrid instances to some portlet views and I had to tune details to have large tables without loosing the benefits of the incremental rendering (typically autoHeight="true" added to a portlet force the complete rendering of possibly long tables, which can block the browser for a while). I’ll blog about it soon and I’ll notify you 😉

    A+, Dom

  7. Chris Lohfink said

    Love it! thanks for the contribution!

  8. Cosmo said

    Love it also. We are heavy Dojo users and would love to integrate the concept into our web app. When do you expect 1.4 to be released? Can we fake it for now by using, TabContainer, GridContainer and ContentPane? We don’t necessarily need Dnd support.

  9. @Cosmo,

    I think 1.4 is slated for release some time in August. However, you can probably grab the Portlet.js and Portlet folder from dojox/widget in a nightly checkout and place it into your 1.3.x code base, and it should work just fine until then


  10. Mike said

    Hello! I’m using feed portlet, but criticaly important to show rss title in title pannel. Is it possible to place it there?

  11. Hi Mike,

    See comment 32 here –

  12. Mike said

    Thanks for the quick response. Problem isn’t to set title but find title in feedPortlet widget properties. For example if user input rss link : “” the title should be “Microsoft PressPass, Information for Journalists”.

  13. Ah right, that makes sense. It should probably be an option to set the title of the portlet based on the title pulled from the feed.

    I’ll see what I can do with it – can you create a bug report at



  14. Mike said

    Thanks! bug report here:

  15. Mike said

    *Thanks! bug report here:

  16. Diego Visentin said

    Could you be so kind to compare this new ‘portlets’ with OperAJAX widgets.
    or with IBM iWidget ?

    Thanks, Diego

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