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One more twit goes a-twittering

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on October 5, 2009

Ok, I gave in, I’m on Twitter – , user @chofter.  I promised myself I wouldn’t join, because I didn’t see the point.  Hmpfh, well, there that goes.  I’ve now promised myself I’ll only write pertinent updates, not the inane crap people post about what kind of soup they had that morning.

If you’re interested in seeing how long this latest resolution lasts, or if you want to hear whatever craziness I have to impart on the tech world, dojo toolkit, or open source worlds, feel free to follow my posts (I refuse to say tweets. Damn, I just said tweets. Damn, said tweets again. Damn it…. etc)


2 Responses to “One more twit goes a-twittering”

  1. Nathan Toone said

    So – did you see a point, or what? Why did you give in?

    I just signed up – but I haven’t done a single post.. (I agree with you – I will not say the “T-word”…)

  2. Members of a particular community that I want to provide info to mainly user twitter to get updates, so it’s the best way to communicate with them. I don’t see myself posting very often. How about you?

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