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First Palm Pre Dojo-powered app, Irish Rain

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on November 26, 2009

My first Palm Pre application, Irish Rain, has been published to the Palm App Catalog. See my first blog posting on it here.  Irish Rain is written using Mojo, Palm’s JavaScript framework, and the Dojo Ajax Toolkit, a project on which I’m a committer.

Irish Rain is completely free, and should help make sure that us poor Irish don’t get caught in the rain again.  However, I make no guarantees that your house won’t be washed away in a biblical flood!

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Irish Rain for the Palm Pre

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on November 14, 2009

I’ve just released a useful little free application for the Palm Pre called Irish Rain.  It’s a weather application that shows the satellite footage for the last three hours of rainfall over Ireland.  Rather than having to rely on vague and often wrong weather forecasts, you can look at where the rain has been for the last three hours, with the map being animated so you can see the direction it is heading.

Irish Rain also shows the weather forecast for the today and tomorrow, for the main cities of Ireland.

For installation instructions, see

Update: I’ve now also submitted it as a free app to the Palm App Catalog.

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