Flickr Addict – New Dojo powered app for the Palm Pre

Flickr Addict, my second Dojo powered mobile application for the Palm Pre and Pixi has just been released in the Palm App Catalog.  Flickr Addict automatically downloads and displays a rotating set of great wallpapers for your Palm phone.

For users who just want very high quality wallpapers on their phone, auto-downloaded and changed on a regular basis, Flickr Addict gives you all you need.

For Flickr members who want to show their own photos, or the latest images from contacts, Flickr Addict gives you the control to select users and photo sets to download.

There are also a number of other options such as searching for photos that match a particular tag, or photos from the iPhone Wallpapers group.

For those interested in technical matters, Flickr Addict was written using Palm’s SDK and the Dojo Ajax Toolkit.


22 thoughts on “Flickr Addict – New Dojo powered app for the Palm Pre

  1. This is such a great app, exactly what I was looking for. One question: I created a set to use for wallpapers, with about 30 images in it. I have Flickr Addict set up to download 10 images. It looks like only the first 10 images from the set get downloaded, is that right? It would be nice if it could randomly pick the 10 images from the set.

  2. Hi Nick,

    At the moment it’s designed to take the latest images. The idea is that you use it to keep track of the latest photos uploaded from particular users. Could you not tell it to download 30 photos? If you want to keep showing those photos, you can disable the auto-download of new images by setting the “Download At” preference to “Disabled”


    1. OK, I see what you mean, that makes sense. Sure, I could tell Flickr Addict to grab all the photos in the set, but right now I have it set to rotate once per hour, so I wouldn’t get through them all, even if I waited all day. That’s no problem as long as it would eventually get through all 30 – i.e., it would go through 24 in the first 24 hours, and then cycle through the next 6 before repeating. It sounds like if I turn off auto-download, that would be the case?

      Of course I could just pare down the number of photos in the set, or have them rotate more frequently, neither of which is a big deal for me.

      Your app came out with great timing actually – my wife had bought an app for her Pixi that rotates through backgrounds, but you can’t customize the backgrounds, which she was bummed about. Also, I had already written a little webOS Flickr viewer for my own use. So just a couple days ago that gave me the idea to write an app for her (and me) that does exactly what Flickr Addict does. I’m lazy though so I am very happy to use yours instead 🙂


  3. Thanks Shane, that would be great! For now, your suggestion to download all photos and then disable auto-download is working well.


  4. Are you only pulling down images marked Creative Commons or all images? It is probably not a good idea to make images marked “All Rights Reserved” available. Especially if you intend to allow people to use them as wallpaper.

  5. I pull down all images. However they don’t appear in the users photos, you have no choice to save them, and they’re deleted every day. This is essentially the same as someone right clicking on an image in a desktop browser and choosing “Use as Wallpaper”, but without even letting them at the photos. So it’s more secure than that.

  6. It’s not a question if it is secure. It’s more a question if copyright is being violated. If a picture is marked “all rights reserved”, that’s what it means. Being able to right-click save does not mean that it is right or okay to do so, particularly if permission is not granted. This use case would also likely not fall under any sort of “fair use” provision.

    Additionally, given that Flickr Addict is a for-pay app, copyright owners might (and probably have a case for it) object to their pictures used in such a manner. The Flickr API allows for pulling only CC pictures, I would recommend doing so to avoid running afoul of any complications later.

    IANAL but just thought you should be aware of the potential pitfalls.

  7. would love options to:
    1. crop a photo to fit (rather than centering it or stretching it)
    2. put a randomize option as you mentioned above
    3. change the selected photo set of a user without having to delete the user and re-add them

  8. Hi Neil,

    I implemented #2 last night. #3 is in the works.

    #1 might come a little later. However the main idea behind Flickr Addict is that you don’t have to manually set the wallpapers, so it’s less of a priority.

    Thanks for the suggestions


  9. Great app. I too would like to be able to update a user (change set, change latest to random) without having to delete and re-add. Basically #3 above.

    I find that Flickr Addict allows me to add only five users. When I add a sixth, a white bar is displayed in the “PHOTOS FROM USERS’ list following the fifth user. Is there supposed to be a 5-user limit?

  10. Hi Chris,

    No, there’s no 5 user limit, I’ve just never tested it with that many users 😉 I’ll look into it.

    The next version will have user editing in it, thanks for the suggestion.


    1. Interestingly, it seems that when I enter a sixth user, the white bar appears and Flickr Addict doesn’t pull pictures from that user. If I then delete one of the five displayed users, the white bar disappears, the user name appears, and Flickr Addict starts pulling pictures from that user. So you do remember the user.

  11. Hey, I’m still having the problem where it won’t let me use more than one tag. It’s only grabbing the “interesting photos” if i have more than one tag. I paid for the full version of the app and this isn’t an isolated incident, as after that last update, the same thing is true for a friend of mine who has the palm pre as well. What’s the deal?

      1. oh, okay. Ya it’s just kinda lame we can only have one tag. When it’s fixed, is there just an update we’ll need to download?

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