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Flickr Addict gets a huge upgrade

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on December 22, 2009

Flickr Addict, my very cool (if I do say so myself) Dojo powered application for the Palm Pre & Pixi smartphones, has just been given a massive upgrade. Flickr Addict automatically downloads photos from Flickr and sets them as your wallpaper at set intervals.  It is completely configurable, and very easy to use.

Following some very helpful user feedback, I have added the following features:

  1. New image gallery, very similar to the Palm Photos app, which makes it very quick and simple to view all your downloaded photos.
  2. Full screen preview of all wallpapers.
  3. The ability to randomize the selection of photos from a user.
  4. The Palm Pre Wallpapers group on Flickr is now selectable, in addition to the iPhone Wallpapers group.

See the video below for a demo.  This version of Flickr Addict and Flickr Addict Lite is currently in review for the App Catalog, and will hopefully make it in soon.  However the previous version is in there now and available for download, and will be updated automatically when the new version is out.


15 Responses to “Flickr Addict gets a huge upgrade”

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  2. Tom Spine said

    What is the version number of this upgrade? The app catalog only has v0.1.4 as of today, but it doesn’t appear to have the same gallery browse feature that you show in the video. I’m hoping the update hits the app catalog soon.

    Love the app, but have some comments…

    First, a minor nit: it would be a good idea to show the application’s version number in the About/Help.

    Second, and more important: the application does not appear to be fetching anything more than the most recent photos I uploaded to my flickr photo stream. I have hundreds of photos in dozens of sets, and I would expect it to (randomly?) fetch from all of my photos – not just my most recent uploads.

  3. Hi Tom,

    version @.1.9 is in review, and has been for a week or so. The version number shouls be displayed at the top of the Help scene. It is in the latest version at least.

    the new version adds the ability to randomise the photos from a user, as many people have requested it. So, hopefully all your requests will be satisfied when the new version is approved.

    keep the requests coming, they only help make it better

  4. Paul said

    Does this version allow you to show pictures from your own photostream that are not publicly viewable? That is the feature that I’m really hoping for. If this version doesn’t allow it, is that planned for a future version?

  5. Hi Paul,

    No, I haven’t built in authentication into this version, as it adds considerable complexity. I’ll consider it for the future, but unless a significant number of users request it I think the time required is better spent on more generic features, such as the new gallery I’ve added.

    If you have other requests, please let me know.



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  7. Rich said

    Please add authentication for pwd protected pictures… Thanks!

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  9. Brett said

    Hey, Shane. I think I love this app. What I’m trying to figure out is the difference between the Lite and Full version. I can’t find any break down as far as what the difference is. Could you do one of those column check box things comparing the two or say in the lite description what you DO NOT get with the Lite vs the full.

    You said you give 2 days of full feature with the lite (which I downloaded yesterday) but I dont know what is free and what is paid until tomorrow? I’d rather just buy it now and know the difference rather than wait.

    I hope I make sense. Good app! Thx.

  10. Hi Brett,

    Sorry, you’re right. I hadn’t done this in the past because there was no trial, it was obvious in the Lite version what was less functional.

    The Lite version has the following restrictions that the full version does not:

    – max number of images per day is 3, not 60
    – max number of users you can download from is 1, not unlimited
    – max number of groups you can download from is 1, not unlimited
    – max number of tags you can download from is 1, not unlimited
    – less options on how often to change the wallpaper.

    Hope you enjoy the full version 😉


  11. Andrew said

    Hey Sean,
    Since this upgrade, there has been a MAJOR technical issue. If you add more than one tag, flickraddict seems to ignore all of them and instead only downloads “interesting photos”. Before, I had it set to 60 photos and had 4 or 5 tags and it would download some “interesting photos” and some of photos of my tags as well. If I have only ONE tag, flickraddict will still download some from the tag but if I add more than one tag, all tags are ignored. This is not an isolated incident, as it was brought up to me by another Palm Pre user and I tested it out and found it to be true. You should probably remedy this as quickly as possible, as we all know, nobody can go without custom wallpapers for long :]


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  13. I just wish I had time to figure out the api to be able to query and get random photos from my own photostream.

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