New version of ‘Irish Rain’ app released on Palm App Catalog

I’ve just released a small update to my Dojo powered Irish Rain app for the Palm Pre and Pixi which I blogged about before.  The new version, v0.1.5, changes temperatures to celcius, and adds a progress bar to show when the data will be loaded.

The app is completely free, all the better to keep you (Irish People) from getting drenched!

7 thoughts on “New version of ‘Irish Rain’ app released on Palm App Catalog

  1. I just happened on your site when searching for reviews of Register365 (your post relating to them is interesting and helpful).

    I have your Palm Pre app, Irish Rain, installed on my phone for a while now. Just thought I’d send a quick message to say how much I like it. I use it a lot.

    I have given it 5 stars on the App Catalog, now that you have changed Fahrenheit to Celsius (what were you thinking anyway when using Fahrenheit for Ireland? LOL) Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi PalmPreUser,

    I’m glad you like it, thanks for the good review. To be honest, it was in Farenheit because that’s the default given by Yahoo’s Weather service. I considered the extra weather information to be more or less not the point of the app, so didn’t put much time into it initially – I just wanted to get the rainfall stuff right.

    It was easily fixed, but I didn’t have the time until recently, as I’m working on some other cool stuff.

    You should try out my other apps too. Click the “More” option in the app menu.


  3. wow. Fast reply! 🙂

    Nice apps. I do hope Palm speed up things, so Europeans can buy apps from their catalog. I’m sure you agree.

  4. Hi,

    why the restriction to IE/UK?

    In the summer I spent four weeks in your beautiful country again, and found it extremely frustrating that I was barred from your app just because my Pre was activated in Germany.



    1. Hi Joechen,

      I never thought that anyone outside the islands would be interested – obviously I never considered your use case.

      I’ll change it to be available worldwide. The one thing that annoys me is when people review it saying “Why doesn’t it show my country?”, but I guess I can put up with that.

  5. Great App Shane. Now I know when I’m going to get dumped on and when its safe to plan anything outdoors. You can predict when the downpour will hit the part of the country I’m in.

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