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Flickr Addict for Palm Pre adds Groups & Blocking

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on January 26, 2010

Flickr Addict and Flickr Addict Lite v0.2.1 have just been released on the Palm App Catalog.  This release adds two features that many users have asked for:

  • Group selection.  Previous versions of Flickr Addict allowed you to download photos from two Flickr groups, iPhoneWallpapers and PalmPreWallpapers.  This version allows you to add any group you like.
  • Photo and user blocking.  Sometimes images are downloaded which you might not like, and you can now block both individual images, and all images from a particular user.  You can also manage your blocked list to unblock images and users later.

The video below is of the previous version, v0.2.0.  Try it out for free with Flickr Addict Lite.


11 Responses to “Flickr Addict for Palm Pre adds Groups & Blocking”

  1. Hi Laura,

    We meet again. Seriously, what’s with the tone?

    Given that Dojo is an open source toolkit, how about YOU write that blog post?

    • joshua said

      got a question .i have a flickr account with a few photo when i prees use photo set it says no sets found. can you help please?

      • Hi Joshua,

        Are your photo sets private? Flickr addict can only load public sets.

        Are you sure you entered the correct user information? When you tap the “Check User” button, does it show the tick mark?


  2. sbono13 said

    I’m another guy-with-Pre, and I love both my phone and Shane’s Flickr app. The updates are much appreciated.

  3. Michelle said

    Hello, I installed the Flickr Addict app for my palm pre and have been loving it. However, after the last palm update the app stopped working. When I click on its icon I get a loading screen and nothing else. Please help! I would love to have this app back without having to uninstall it and pay for it again.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Sorry to hear that – I haven’t seen that issue myself. If you uninstall it and reinstall however, you won’t be charged again, as it’s linked to your Palm profile. Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

      By the way, you can also contact me using the Help option in the app menu, under the Preferences.


  4. Joseph said

    Greatings from a fellow PalmOS user… I would like to thank you for Flickr Addict Lite (and the full version). I would like to make a suggestion for version 1 or 0.4 🙂

    One: Transfer settings from LITE to FULL version (and don’t have both version installed at the same time.

    Two: Include a SHARE option for GROUPS. I’ve added THREE groups to my flickr
    Chicago Blackhawks
    Let me tell you THAT was a pain to type in
    Schipperke Dogs & Puppies
    and the BEST The Nature Conservancy

    Now when I was adding them if I CHECKED SHARE, others could SEARCH shared groups and add it if they liked. In addition you could SORT it by popularity.

    THREE: RATING. If you add ratings to photos this would give users a reason to look at their 3-10 daily downloads, they could then rate the photos. In the “RANDOM” display can be modified to add weight to photos that are “highly rated” and to handicap photos that are poorly rated (UNSAFE) photos could also be added, since that is a problem I’ve read in the reviews.

    Anyways, love the product!


  5. Synister said

    I would like to see the addition of the ability to turn off aor change the safeguard settings in the next update. Is that a likely request

    • Hi Synister,

      To turn off the privacy settings I would have to enable you logging into Flickr with your account. This is a lot more work, but is something I intend to do in the future. However, it will not be soon unfortunately.


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