My webOS Apps goes live, gets a big update

My webOS Apps, the great tool I’ve written for webOS developers, is now available in the Palm App Catalog.  See my previous post about it here.

Using My webOS Apps a developer for webOS can

  • Keep track of their app download count.  That’s the real download count, not the inaccurate number shown in the Palm feeds which include updates.  You can also see how many apps were downloaded both today and this month, as well as your average download count and your best days download count for each app.
  • See each apps user ratings
  • Read the comments on each app
  • See your downloads for each app in graph form.  Three chart types are supported, line, column and area.  You can graph the downloads per day, by week or month.
  • View a timeline of events for one app or all apps.  This shows what happened to an app by date, from submission through to being accepted and published.
  • Tweet about your apps directly from the app.
  • Auto-Tweet when an app is published.  Set up a custom message to be tweeted automatically when an app is published.
  • Read your forum posts on
  • Read the latest forum posts on
  • See your financial reports per month, showing how much you’ve earned per month.
  • Backup and restore your data.  As many webOS developers wipe their phone on a regular basis to test different webOS releases, this makes sure you never lose any data.

See the video below for a run through of the app.  For a webOS developer, this is an invaluable tool.  Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Twitter Wallpaper for the Palm Pre & Pixi

Twitter Wallpaper, my latest app for the Palm Pre & Pixi smartphones has just been approved for the App Catalog.  As the name suggests, the app prints your Twitter updates to the wallpaper of the phone, and is far and away the most convenient way to keep up with Twitter on your phone.

You can choose to track updates of your followers, updates from a List, or show the latest Trends on Twitter.

No more going through the laborious task of tapping an app icon, waiting for it to start up, and then wait for it to pull down the latest updates.  Using Twitter Wallpaper, just pick up your phone and there are the latest tweets right in front of you.

Head on over to the App Catalog now for a look!