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Twitter Wallpaper for the Palm Pre & Pixi

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on March 8, 2010

Twitter Wallpaper, my latest app for the Palm Pre & Pixi smartphones has just been approved for the App Catalog.  As the name suggests, the app prints your Twitter updates to the wallpaper of the phone, and is far and away the most convenient way to keep up with Twitter on your phone.

You can choose to track updates of your followers, updates from a List, or show the latest Trends on Twitter.

No more going through the laborious task of tapping an app icon, waiting for it to start up, and then wait for it to pull down the latest updates.  Using Twitter Wallpaper, just pick up your phone and there are the latest tweets right in front of you.

Head on over to the App Catalog now for a look!


7 Responses to “Twitter Wallpaper for the Palm Pre & Pixi”

  1. maxj said

    I like the twitter wallpaper but a few issues 15 minutes is a long time 2 get the tweets and you only seeing a few not all of them and it also causing the phone 2 display too many cards when I only have one have 2 rest the phone too much

  2. gwen said

    hi, I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the feed. So I deleted the app. Now I have a stuck twitter feed as my wallpaper. Help!!

  3. Hi Gwen,

    You can turn off the feed by tapping the Frequency option, and choosing “Never”.

    As for your background, you can set your background to any image on your phone by going to your Photos app, selecting a photo, and tapping the icon on the bottom-left of the screen.

    Alternatively, there are a number of good wallpaper apps available. These include Flickr Addict and it’s free version Flickr Addict Lite.

  4. terrence said

    I just downloaded this app and it will not work for me, I click on set wallpaper and all it does it look like it is loading forever and then never does anything. Sometimes it will then sometime shoot an error message saying that it could not set wallpaper because it was not defined. Anyone know what I can do?

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