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Flickr Mundo for Palm webOS

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on September 5, 2010

I am very happy to announce the release of Flickr Mundo, a fully featured Flickr app for Palm webOS devices.  It is packed full of pretty much everything that a Flickr addict could possibly want, including:

  • Photo upload and download, with multiple simultaneous supported for both.
  • Read & add comments to photos and photo sets
  • Add/remove favourites
  • Bulk editing, e.g. choose 6 photos and add tags to them all in one go, add/remove them from a set or group, add/remove person tags…. and much more.
  • A great browsing experience, jump from one user to another,  open photo sets, groups and galleries.  Swipe from photo to photo.
  • Auto rotated wallpapers.   All the functionality from my other app Flickr Addict is included in Flickr Mundo.  Automatically download images in the background based on many different criteria and change the phone wallpaper on a schedule chosen by you.  No more boring backgrounds!
  • Context sensitive ‘Just Type’ search.  Wherever you are in the app, either hit the search icon or just start typing to search Flickr.  If you’re looking at a user, you can choose to just search that user. If looking at a photo group, you can search just that group.
  • Group search, find a photo group.
  • Location based search.  Find photos near you using GPS, or search for photos close to anywhere else you name.
  • Fullscreen slideshows with an optional audio playlist for playing music while watching your photos.

and much, much more, all wrapped in a highly polished UI that maximises the space of a small screen to the best effect.

A special thank you goes out to Jake and all the guys on the Palm Pre group on Flickr who did huge amounts of user testing on the beta version of the app. They spotted many obscure bugs, and made many suggestions for features and tweaks, most of which have ended up in the app.  Without them Flickr Mundo wouldn’t be anywhere near as complete, functional and fun as it is.

Flickr Mundo will be submitted to the Palm App Catalog in the next 24 hours, and should be available to everyone as soon as Palm approves it!

Update: Flickr Mundo has now been submitted to the App Catalog


62 Responses to “Flickr Mundo for Palm webOS”

  1. Jake said

    Congrats Shane! Glad I could be of some assistance, and super psyched to see this app.

  2. Do you need 1.4.5 for this? I STILL don’t have it. Looks like a great app!

  3. Z. Wen said

    I just bought the app, but it keeps giving installation failed error. I am a Sprint Pre user. My phone is plain out of the box version, without any twicks or patches. Any help is appreciated.

  4. Fantastic work you did with this app Shane! One problem I have however is the background that you are using throughout the app. Is there any way to change it to more neutral gray/black maybe barely visible texture at best? This is what is holding me up from making the purchase. I used the beta before and it’s very very distracting! I am not alone on this I keep hearing about this issue arising from many users. If I was you I would look into to see if there is any way to implement a more neutral background and I know you will gain many more buyers/users by doing this.

    Until then I will have to use mobile Flickr site which is not that bad I know it lacks some of your features but I think your app is missing a few things as well. Nevertheless I do like your app a lot and I can tell you did a lot of work. I am clueless when it comes to programming… etc. Let me know what your thoughts are.

  5. Also you mention about automatic wallpapers downloaded and rotated is there a way to turn this feature OFF? I don’t want to change my wallpaper to something that I may not like or even want to look at. I am keeping my wife and my son as a wallpaper. Please let me know if I am missing something. It’s been a while I been messing with your app. I can’t remember the details anymore.

    • Hi Igor,

      I’ll look into alternate themes for Flickr Mundo later, but I’m surprised that something as small as that would put you off buying the app.

      To disable automatic wallpaper rotation, simply tap the wallpaper icon at the bottom of the home screen (looks like a phone), click the setting icon (looks like a wrench), you can choose to disable the wallpapers.



  6. I know such a small thing isn’t it? I guess I am a pain! I always been too picky I guess. I will try to see if I can block out those vivid circles with my eyes. As a photographer we are used to neutral gray or black when we view or work on images maybe it’s just etched in my blood. I will buy it if there is a remote possibility of some simple theme I guess. Thanks for letting me know about the option to disable that auto wallpaper stuff. Sweet. Thanks a lot for your work buddy!

  7. Igor said

    WOW! I must of been smoking something. I can’t believe I entered my email as my name for those posts… Ahhh… Is there any way to edit those posts not to display my email like that? Now I am really being a pain? I just can’t believe I did that. I feel pretty stupid right now.

  8. Raghu said


    Congrats! Liked your app.

    I’m a newbie want to known about few things that I got in my mind. This is more of technical query hope you don’t mind.

    – How do you achieve authentication cookies from browser to your application?
    – How the photos upload and download happens? through download manager?


  9. Michael said

    Great App, and I just bought it. But think it is missing one thing for me. I was wondering if you were planning on adding the ability to add a location to photos you’ve uploaded.

    Ex. You take a photo and right away use flickr mundo to upload it. It would be great if at that point you also add a location to the photo.



    • Hi Michael,

      Yes, I’m looking into that right now. It’s a bit tricky, as webOS doesn’t really come with the tools to use Google Maps in that way (sad, I know). Still, I might be able to find a way to do it. Keep an eye out for updates.

      By the way, most of the requests for Flickr Mundo are organized in the Flickr group at . Feel free to join in the conversation there.

  10. Lamar said

    I just purchased and installed this app. I keep receiving this error message when trying to authenticate with Flickr: “invalid API key or signature” Please help.

  11. Just had the Flickr app authentication issue myself – glad you’re already on top of it! Loved this app on the Pixi, just bought a used Pre, so I’m looking forward to all this fun on a bigger screen. Thanks!

  12. norma said

    help! Flickr won’t authorize, says your API or signature is invalid!

    thank you in advance,

  13. sabesh said

    I’m getting an error during Flickr authentication. Flickr is asking me to contact you. Screenshot:

    Same problem as “Norma”.



    • Hi Sabesh,

      As I mentioned in the comments above, there is a bug with Flickr Mundo right now. I have fixed it and submitted the update to Palm. I have also asked them to put it through as soon as possible, and they have agreed to go as fast as they can. Hopefully you’ll see it later today.

      Apologies for the inconvenience,


  14. The fixed version has now been released into the app catalog, you should see it very soon. Thanks for your patience guys

  15. sabesh said

    Tried updating, but it doesn’t (appcat doesn’t recognize it as an upgrade). I then deleted the exisiting version and tried installing again. I get “Install failed”. It appears to download, but fails @ install.

    • Ah damn, the App Catalog is just a mess. They’ve been having issues for over a month now, and for all apps!

      Apparently if you wait and try a few more times, apps will install. They must be doing something to upgrade it for webOS 2.0, but the upgrade keeps breaking it.

  16. eric said


    this app looks awesome and i’d definitely buy it IF there was a way to change that background. I am also use to having a dark/neutral background to view photos, and it is currently way to distracting the way it is. Actually, I’d buy the app right now if I knew for sure that there was an option coming in the near future to disable that background.


    • There is a way to change the background. You can either just remove the dots for a blue background, or change it to a grey background. You just open the app menu and tap Configure, all the options are there.

      Enjoy the app!

      • eric said

        Fantastic! Purchased and loving it.

      • eric said

        Is there a way to view my Flickr collection by sets? Or a way to sync a set with photos loaded on the Pre?

        Also, can the thumbnails generate previews that are not stretched?’

      • Eric,

        Glad you like it 🙂 To see a list of all your sets, tap the button on the bottom left of the main screen that looks like a user with a star on it. That opens your account and lists all your sets. Just tap on a set to see the pictures in it.

        I’m looking into adding the option for thumbnails to be cropped rather than resized, but it’s not possible in the current version.

  17. eric said

    Thanks I figured out the view sets feature. Should have played with it more first.

    Will install this on my wife’s pre as well.

    If thumbnails could be automatically cropped (which seems like some are set that way) that would be a nice feature. Also, a way to sync a set with the phone would be nice as well, so it would automatically update photos.

    • Hi Eric,

      By “sync a set” do you mean use the photos in the set as the wallpaper of the phone, and rotate them? If so, then Flickr Mundo can already to that.

      From the main screen, tap the third button from the left at the bottom (looks like a Pre). This opens the Wallpapers section. If you tap the wrench icon, that allows you to set up a customized search of photos that will be automatically downloaded and set as the wallpaper on the phone. See the video at for instruction how it’s done.

      If you open the app menu at the top of the screen and tap the “Tips” link, you can view a lot of instructional videos on how the various parts of Flickr Mundo work.

      Hope this helps,


      • eric said

        Hi Shane,

        Thanks for all the quick replies.

        I guess that is similar to what I had wanted. But I had just wanted to sync a “set” with the pre itself without having to have it set as a wallpaper. Your function is a little bit more advanced 🙂

        This feature would be helpful to sync to keep family photos up to date on the pre’s, without automatically making them the background.

        Do you think this is something possible to do?


      • Hi Eric,

        It’s certainly possible. I’m looking into adding a “Download All” function, but I do not currently plan to make it automatically sync in the background. That is far more complicated unfortunately.


  18. Igor said


    I have been using your amazing app for couple of weeks now and I may not know all the features just yet but to me it seems to be on the basic side however I can do most the tasks that I wanted on it. There are a few things that are not there or I may not be able to find. The one I really wanted to see is the ability to add a new contact and not just for wallpaper purposes but an actual Flickr contact. I haven’t been able to figure this out just yet. Also I would like an ability to see more recent activity on my images instead of other contacts. At this point this is very limited as far as I can see and it’s mixed with other contacts activity which I really don’t care. Also the field for comments is lacking some visibility it’s like gray on black and sometimes hard to see. Maybe be lighter gray would be better?

    I really love the option to have a simple gray background this is really what made me to purchase it just as I mentioned before since I was on the fence. By doing that you transformed the app from cartoonish looks to very elegant and professional looking tool. Let me know what your thoughts are.

    Thanks a lot for your hard work and dedication very much appreciated.

    • Hi Igor,

      From my point of view Flickr Mundo is more feature rich than any other Flickr app I’ve see (just look at the official Flickr iPhone app), so I would have to disagree with the “bit on the basic side” comment.

      Unfortunately, Flickr does not allow any third party apps to add users as contacts. I’d love to be able to add that feature, as a number of people have asked for it, but it’s just not possible.

      The comment field could look better I agree, I’ll look into fixing that. I’ll also see if I can add a configuration option to change how the recent activity feed works.

      I know it can be difficult to find all the features, but you should take a look at the instructional videos I’ve included for this purpose – open the App menu and tap the Tips option.

      Thanks for the suggestions, please let me know if you have any more.

      • Igor said

        Thanks for your rapid reply Shane! I see what you mean. I didn’t know that. That sucks 😦 Occasionally I would find a great artist and wanted to add but I guess I will have to do that on computer going through my favorites. I appreciate your dedication and help.

  19. […] Flickr Mundo for Palm webOS […]

  20. tbaleno said

    One feature that would make this great is the ability to add a watermark to the image before it gets uploaded to Flickr. Otherwise, I have to save the image first transfer it to my pc and watermark it and upload it manually.

    • That’s a very cool idea. Unfortunately it won’t be possible until webOS 2.0 comes out in the coming months, as it’s not really possible to manipulate images on webOS yet. I’ll see what I can do to add it when webOS 2.0 comes out.

  21. Norma said

    Help! FM no longer connects to my Flickr account since the last update! I’ve deleted and reinstalled, to no avail. ????

    • Hi Norma,

      Yes, there is a bug in it that has to to with the webOS 2.0 tools that Palm provide. I’ve submitted a fix to Palm and asked them to hurry it through the review process as quickly as possible.

      Sorry for the trouble


  22. Dax Kelson said

    Just bought it for a Sprint Palm Pre, two requests.

    1) Be able to assign the photo in to a set when uploading.

    2) Automatic upload (in the background) when a new photo is taken (included to a pre-configured set).


    • Hi Dax,

      Good idea about adding to sets. I’ll get that in. For automatic uploads, if you take the picture by tapping the camera icon in Flickr Mundo then it is automatically uploaded. However it is not currently possible to integrate Flickr Mundo into the camera application itself as webOS doesn’t allow it.

      Thanks for the suggestions.


  23. Linux64 said

    Is it possible (and if so how) to select multiple photos for upload to flickr?

    In regards to automatic background upload, does WebOS 2.x or 3.x allow for this?

    Thanks for writing WebOS software.

    • Hi,

      You can’t select multiple photos at the same time, but Flickr Mundo uploads photos immediately in the background once you select them, so you don’t have to wait for one to finish before uploading another. Just tap the camera button again, select another photo and it’ll queue for upload.

      Oh, and you’re welcome 🙂


      • B Flack said

        I have about 100 photo’s I wish to upload on my pre… is there any easier way to do this?

      • @B Flack
        Flickr Mundo doesn’t have a batch uploading feature, but you can upload multiple photos at a time – that is, you don’t have to wait for one photo to upload before you upload the next. Just keep selecting photos to upload and they’ll upload in the background.

  24. David O'Dell said

    It would be nice if I could reinstall Flickr Mundo on my palm pre Version 😦 The palm catalog says it is not available anymore for my device.

    • Hi David,

      I agree. As I explained in my post at , the HP App Catalog is kind of broken right now where, if you say that your app supports webOS 2.0 features it won’t make your app available for v1.4.5. We developers are putting a lot of pressure on them to resolve this issue, and they promise us that they are working on it, so hopefully Flickr Mundo and other apps will be available to v1.4.5 users again in the near future.

      Feel free to contact Palm Developer Relations (see to let them know that this is inconveniencing you and others, it might help.


  25. LF said

    hello, why is flickr mundo not available for pre 2 via app cataloge anymore. I have paid for it and need to reinstall. LF.

  26. Hi,There is a bug in the App Catalog where if you say that your app works with the Touchpad it is no longer available for phones. Palm are working on a fix for it, and have promised that it will be resolved soon.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  27. AK said

    Hey guys, I love Flickr mundo. I had paid for the full Flickr mundo app. But now, after I switched from the old palm pre with webos 1.x to the new HP Veer, flickr mundo has disappeared from the app catalog. I cannot use it. I had just bought it about 2 weeks before I switched. This is a great loss and I am a bit angry that I have paid for it and cannot use it. And I miss its functionality.
    What is the reason. Can you help me?
    Best regards

    • Hi AK,

      The Palm App Catalog has a bug right now where, if an app supports the TouchPad, it is invisible to phones. Existing users can get all the updates, but if you wipe your phone or buy a new one you can’t get it.

      I’m not happy about this, and neither are all the other webOS developers who are affected.

      Palm are working on a solution, which they said would be ready a few weeks ago, but hasn’t been fixed yet. As soon as it is, you will be able to download the app again.

      I’ll announce the update on Twitter, , and on Facebook,

      Sorry for the inconvenience, but you should have it again in a few weeks if everything goes to Palm’s plan

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