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HP Enyo talk from the London Ajax conference

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on July 3, 2011

I really enjoyed talking about HP Enyo at the London Ajax groups conference on July 2nd.  People were genuinely interested, and hopefully will take a closer look at the framework, which I find great to develop HTML5 apps with.

You can view the talk below [source]

The slides are embedded below.

Thanks to Dylan from SitePen for organising everything and RIM for sponsoring the event.


3 Responses to “HP Enyo talk from the London Ajax conference”

  1. Laura_ said

    Edit: Laura is a troll who has been repeatedly asked to go away. I am leaving this in as it has a reply. The basic idea that she/he wrote is that she/he knows everything, and I know nothing.

    • Jeff said

      Hi Laura,

      No offense, but I have trouble believing that you or anybody else actually predicted the demise of Web OS. How quickly one forgets that analysts, tech geeks, and users alike all thought it was destined for greatness. Put more simply – I would be astounded if anyone was able to predict the end of Web OS before the past 3 months. Please stop for a moment and remember that you were probably a “breathless” supporter recently, too.

      And what’s being moderated on here?

      Shane – So what do you have next up your sleeve?

      • Jeff,

        The only thing being moderated on my blog is Laura. She/he seems to have nothing better to do than make offensive statements, and has been doing so for well over a year. It’s strange.

        Thanks for the backup though 😉

        As for what’s next, due to pretty fantastic sales of Flickr Mundo HD, I’m finishing off my next app which…… well, I can’t give it away yet 😉 I’ll be announcing it on my page at in a few weeks or so.

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