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This is what a successful platform launch looks like

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on September 2, 2011

… pity it had to happen as a result of a liquidation sale.

WebOS looks to be on it’s last legs, and HP has announced that it’ll never make new WebOS hardware. In the meantime, the fire sale of TouchPads has done fantastic things for us WebOS developers. The image below is a graph of the Flickr Mundo HD sales for 2011.

If only HP had anything resembling courage, rather than wimping out with the revelation that “Competition is hard? What? No one told me! Run away!!”, this sales trend might have actually continued for a long time.

Ah well, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

Touchpad Sales of Flickr Mundo HD

2 Responses to “This is what a successful platform launch looks like”

  1. It’s unclear what would be good about this for HP, though. You can’t make it up in volume when you’re losing money on every unit. Perhaps they would need to spend their way into market share through subsidies and make it back through the cut they get from the store..but surely they were smart enough to run then numbers on that?

    Anyhow, what are the absolute #’s here? The curve looks good, but every non-linear eventually goes linear, and the question for app developers (and HP) is “at what level?”

    • Sure, it would have been terrible business to sell at $99. However launching at the iPad’s price point was stupid. If they wanted to fight their way into this market they should have sold at cost for the first device, around $300, sold an 8GB version for even less, and used that to build momentum.

      This would have brought developers on board, which is really what they’re missing.

      As for absolute numbers, these are daily sales numbers, and the top one is 62 apps per day, at $3 each. Not a bad return at all, and this is for a fairly niche app, just for Flickr users. Others, like Glimpse, are selling far far better.

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