Dark Legacy Comics, my first React Native app

I’ve been a fan of the React Native framework for a while, even ignoring the fact it’s built by my colleagues at Facebook.  However since I spend my work days talking to engineers rather than coding these days, I haven’t had a chance to build anything real with it.  While I had some time off recently I fixed that, and built a fun new app for a friend, Dark Legacy Comics, now available on the Apple App Store.

It was a fun process, getting to build an app that runs really fast and smooth using all native UI components on iOS, but writing 99% JavaScript.  Given that I neither know Objective-C nor have the time (nor inclination) to learn it, it’s pretty amazing that I can now write an app that works this well.

The process was nowhere as smooth as it needs to be, given I ran into many tricky roadblocks with upgrading versions, importing 3rd party libraries, weird iOS build errors and more.  Still, with a little perseverance and quite a bit of cursing, I got it all working.  So, try it out (sorry it’s not free, all proceeds to the author of the comic, but he’s awesome and more than deserves it after 10 years of hard work) and let me know what you think!