folder-backup-service: Consolidate your files

A common problem I’m come across is that of similar files being scattered around my computer by various services, that I wished were all located in the same place.  For example, my iPad syncing photos to Dropbox’s “Camera Uploads” folder, whereas my phone syncing with the Mac’s Photos hidden folder, since I plug it in much more often.

My preference is that they would all just be in a single folder.  But I don’t want to do this manually, on a regular basis.

To fix this I’ve written a simple script that can be installed on a Mac as a service.  It is called folder-backup-service, and can be downloaded either as a ZIP file, or checked out out using Git (if you’re more of a web engineer) from GitHub at .

For usage, see the README file.

Some benefits of using this include

  • Keep the amount of space used in Dropbox low.  As soon as any device puts a file in a Dropbox folder you’ve specified, and it syncs to your computer, it will be moved off Dropbox to your local machine.
  • Should keep the local cache usage on mobile devices by Dropbox low, rather than using up gigabytes on iPads and iPhones.
  • Makes it easier to find your original images when syncing through Photos, rather than having to dig around for them in the hidden folders that Apple insists on storing them in.

This is open source, licensed with MIT, and I’m very open to people sending pull requests if you’re interested in getting the service working with operating systems other than Mac.