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Flickr Mundo for Palm webOS

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on September 5, 2010

I am very happy to announce the release of Flickr Mundo, a fully featured Flickr app for Palm webOS devices.  It is packed full of pretty much everything that a Flickr addict could possibly want, including:

  • Photo upload and download, with multiple simultaneous supported for both.
  • Read & add comments to photos and photo sets
  • Add/remove favourites
  • Bulk editing, e.g. choose 6 photos and add tags to them all in one go, add/remove them from a set or group, add/remove person tags…. and much more.
  • A great browsing experience, jump from one user to another,  open photo sets, groups and galleries.  Swipe from photo to photo.
  • Auto rotated wallpapers.   All the functionality from my other app Flickr Addict is included in Flickr Mundo.  Automatically download images in the background based on many different criteria and change the phone wallpaper on a schedule chosen by you.  No more boring backgrounds!
  • Context sensitive ‘Just Type’ search.  Wherever you are in the app, either hit the search icon or just start typing to search Flickr.  If you’re looking at a user, you can choose to just search that user. If looking at a photo group, you can search just that group.
  • Group search, find a photo group.
  • Location based search.  Find photos near you using GPS, or search for photos close to anywhere else you name.
  • Fullscreen slideshows with an optional audio playlist for playing music while watching your photos.

and much, much more, all wrapped in a highly polished UI that maximises the space of a small screen to the best effect.

A special thank you goes out to Jake and all the guys on the Palm Pre group on Flickr who did huge amounts of user testing on the beta version of the app. They spotted many obscure bugs, and made many suggestions for features and tweaks, most of which have ended up in the app.  Without them Flickr Mundo wouldn’t be anywhere near as complete, functional and fun as it is.

Flickr Mundo will be submitted to the Palm App Catalog in the next 24 hours, and should be available to everyone as soon as Palm approves it!

Update: Flickr Mundo has now been submitted to the App Catalog

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Flickr Addict for Palm Pre adds Groups & Blocking

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on January 26, 2010

Flickr Addict and Flickr Addict Lite v0.2.1 have just been released on the Palm App Catalog.  This release adds two features that many users have asked for:

  • Group selection.  Previous versions of Flickr Addict allowed you to download photos from two Flickr groups, iPhoneWallpapers and PalmPreWallpapers.  This version allows you to add any group you like.
  • Photo and user blocking.  Sometimes images are downloaded which you might not like, and you can now block both individual images, and all images from a particular user.  You can also manage your blocked list to unblock images and users later.

The video below is of the previous version, v0.2.0.  Try it out for free with Flickr Addict Lite.

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Flickr Addict v0.1.9 released on Palm App Catalog

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on January 8, 2010

The latest version of Flickr Addict is now available on the Palm App Catalog!  This is a huge upgrade which I blogged about a short while ago when I submitted it for review.  Check out the video below to see what it can do.  If you would like to try it out before you buy it, the free version, called Flickr Addict Lite, is also available on the Palm App Catalog.  Enjoy!

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Flickr Addict Lite v0.1.9 released

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on January 5, 2010

Flickr Addict Lite v0.1.9 has been released in the Palm App Catalog. See here for more info.

The full version of Flickr Addict v0.1.9 is still in review.  However as it was submitted before the lite version, it should hopefully be approved quite soon.  If you have downloaded both the Lite and full versions, and are wondering why they are so different, this is the reason – there was a massive rewrite since the last version.  You’ll have it soon 😉

Update Jan 8th 2009: Flickr Addict v0.1.9 is now also available in the App Catalog.

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Flickr Addict gets a huge upgrade

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on December 22, 2009

Flickr Addict, my very cool (if I do say so myself) Dojo powered application for the Palm Pre & Pixi smartphones, has just been given a massive upgrade. Flickr Addict automatically downloads photos from Flickr and sets them as your wallpaper at set intervals.  It is completely configurable, and very easy to use.

Following some very helpful user feedback, I have added the following features:

  1. New image gallery, very similar to the Palm Photos app, which makes it very quick and simple to view all your downloaded photos.
  2. Full screen preview of all wallpapers.
  3. The ability to randomize the selection of photos from a user.
  4. The Palm Pre Wallpapers group on Flickr is now selectable, in addition to the iPhone Wallpapers group.

See the video below for a demo.  This version of Flickr Addict and Flickr Addict Lite is currently in review for the App Catalog, and will hopefully make it in soon.  However the previous version is in there now and available for download, and will be updated automatically when the new version is out.

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First Palm Pre Dojo-powered app, Irish Rain

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on November 26, 2009

My first Palm Pre application, Irish Rain, has been published to the Palm App Catalog. See my first blog posting on it here.  Irish Rain is written using Mojo, Palm’s JavaScript framework, and the Dojo Ajax Toolkit, a project on which I’m a committer.

Irish Rain is completely free, and should help make sure that us poor Irish don’t get caught in the rain again.  However, I make no guarantees that your house won’t be washed away in a biblical flood!

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