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Upgrading Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) to Gutsy Gibbon (7.10)

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on October 18, 2007

Today I’ve begun the process of upgrading my Ubuntu installation of version 7.04 to version 7.10. To see my previous tutorial of getting Ubuntu installed on my IBM Thinkpad X41, see

This post lists whatever issues I found when upgrading, and my solutions to them. For the official instructions, see

Third Party software sources cause problems

My first problem was caused by having links to third party software distribution sites. When running the “update-manager -d” command, I received an error, saying the dbus couldn’t run.

This was caused by having third party software sources enabled that no longer existed, for whatever reason.

To fix this:

  1. click “System/Administration/Software Sources”
  2. Click the “Third-Party Software” tab
  3. Deselect any non-Ubuntu software sources. You can always reselect them after the upgrade

Modifying the software channels gets stuck

When the second step in the “Distribution Upgrade” application is running, that is, the “Modifying the software channels” step, it got stuck downloading files. It would say

Downloading file 36 of 97

and stay at that number for a long time. This was not a bandwidth issue, it simply stopped. To fix this

  1. Click the “Cancel” button.
  2. Run the “update-manager -d” command again.
  3. Repeat this each time it gets stuck downloading files. I had to do this four times for it to work completely.

Dual monitors didn’t work correctly

When booted up with an external monitor plugged in, the desktop was fixed at 640 * 480 pixels resolution. I found someone else with a similar issue at , but their solution didn’t work for me. I solved this by:

  1. Unplugging the monitor.
  2. Restart the machine, and log in.
  3. Click “System/Administration/Screens and Graphics
  4. Click the “Graphics Card” tab.
  5. Click the “Driver” button
  6. From the “Driver” dropdown list, choose “i810 – Intel Integrated Graphics Chipsets
  7. Restart the machine.

Compiz has problems with dual monitors

Compiz (the 3D graphics stuff) causes problems and refuses to work at all if I am using dual monitors. Still working on this one.

Some Eclipse plug-ins no longer work

As a Java developer, I often use the Eclipse development platform. I include some non-standard plugins in the application, like plugins for Subversion support. However, when Ubuntu is upgraded to 7.10, the base Eclipse platform in upgraded, but not the non-standard plugins, which stops some of them from working.

Update: actually, this didn’t fix my Eclipse problems, please ignore 🙂

The solution is to upgrade the plugins in the usual Eclipse manner:

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Click Help/Software Updates/Find and Install
  3. Click Finish
  4. Wait a while…

Running low on disk space after upgrade

My laptop was running out of disk space after the install, as it downloaded quite a few packages. I found a very good blog post on how to clean up your Ubuntu install at

Make sure to read comment #7 also, that alone saved me 1GB.

Some Thinkpad features no longer work

I found that some things didn’t work that did work before, for example the stylus pen and the middle ‘scroller’ button of the mouse.  If this happens, just reapply the settings I describe here, as the upgrade removed them. This solved the problems for me.

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