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Namespace code submission to Dojo merged

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on July 3, 2006

A quick note to say that my first code submission to the Dojo Toolkit project has been accepted and merged into the tree. The changeset can be seen here.

The idea is that you can simply define your widgets right in the HTML like

<dojo:Dialog id=”foo” … />

and they’ll be automatically detected and instantiated.  You can also define/register your own namespace.

Proof that I do actually work occasionally 🙂

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Threading extensions to the Atom Publishing Protocol

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on June 23, 2006

James Snell's bid to conquer the webiverse through the power of the Atom continues apace. His threading extension for Atom has been approved as a proposed standard for linking multiple entries/feeds in a threaded manner. See this post for his announcement, and, more interesting, his post on how to use the threading with Abdera, the Apache Atom parser.

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