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Dijit Tree now ultra-stylable

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan on October 1, 2009

The Dojo Tree has always been easy to make look just like you want, from changing the icons to changing the labels.

However there was always a limitation in that an entire row could not be styled.  Well, today I put through a fix for that, and you can now specify a CSS class and style for each row using the getRowClass and getRowStyle functions.

You can see a simple test of this at , available from Oct 2nd 2009, and it’ll be included in version 1.4, which goes into beta any day now.  It shows how you can easily make the tree appear like an expandable, nestable list widget, with just a tiny bit of CSS.

I also plan on writing up a number of dojo.cookie articles over at in the coming weeks on all the cool things you can do with the tree.



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