New version of Mazer for Palm Pre & Pixi

A new version of Mazer, my fun free game for the Palm Pre & Pixi has just landed in the Palm App Catalog.  This version includes

  • an improved look and feel,
  • performance improvements to make the ball move more smoothly, and
  • much improved physics, giving the player much more control over the ball.

See the images below for an idea of how the game looks.  Then run over to the Palm App Catalog and download it for free!  Have fun 😉

29 thoughts on “New version of Mazer for Palm Pre & Pixi

  1. For what it’s worth, Laura has been trolling here for the last few weeks. All of her posts are pointless, and most are insulting and childish. I’ve tried engaging with her, from replying to her comments, to attempting to send her and email. However she has given a fake email address when posting comments, and my reasonable responses have only seemed to encourage her.

    Laura, please refrain from posting inane, insulting comments. As I wrote to you in an email, which got bounced back to me, if you have sensible comments about my work on the Pre, I’m glad to hear them. If you have questions about Dojo, I’m glad to answer them. If you have anything of substance at all to say, I’m more than happy to not remove your comments.

    However for some reason you seem to have taken a personal dislike to me, which I find curious as we have never met. In the many years this blog has existed, you are the first such user I have encountered. Please, behave reasonably, and we’ll all get along just fine. Posting comments telling me that I’m wasting my time, and that I’m stupid to be working on my personal projects over and over is pointless and only makes you look bad. So stop. Have a civilized conversation.

  2. Laura – you sure you hit the submit button and waited long enough? I think this site uses some fancy ajax submit.

    Just be patient and I’m sure your comment will show up 🙂

    p.s. Please make a level editor for the game!

    1. @Ryan,

      Regarding Laura, I have actually removed some of her comments. See my explanation above.

      I’ve already written an online editor for Mazer, I’m looking into making a proper server backend for it so that people can share their levels, vote on them etc. It’s a lot of work 😉

      The editor is pretty basic right now, and not really well designed for usability. Take a look at in a non-IE browser.

  3. Hi.
    I’m enjoying the game, but have come upon a level that I just can’t see how you win it. It’s called Photo Finish on the hard level of the Cannonball game.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  4. I’m playing Mazer and I love it so far…but on Photo Finish phase I can’t pass that…what should I do…it’s very hard

  5. Won’t download to my palm pre. Phone has neen upfated & have trief numerous times deleting previous tries. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Archie

      Any problems you have with downloading and installing apps are bugs in webOS and your phone. Many people have issues with the App Catalog, and these problems have nothing to do with individual apps.

      Palm are looking into a solution, but haven’t found the cause yet


    1. Yes, it’s definitely possible. In the “Sequence” of worm holes, go

      1 to 3
      Back to 2, which takes you to 5.
      Don’t move on 5 (keep the ball on it), in a few seconds you’ll be taken inside the area with the goal

      It’s tricky I know, but one of the puzzles I’m most proud of.

      1. I thought that I’d tried every “sequence”, but I’ll give it a whirl at lunch. Thanks – Jeff

      2. Yep, it worked like a charm. Tricky though. I don’t remember any other levels that require you to stay on the worm hole in order to move on. I don’t think I would have figured that one out without your help. Thanks – Jeff

  6. love mazer. But i’m about to give up on the level named “sequence” … What do you have to do to get to the finish spot??

    please let me know.
    thanks, Todd

  7. Some of the world record times seem impossible to achieve. Especially ones that take approx 9 sec but the record is 1 sec like bad penny. Why is that?

  8. love mazer. I needed your comment above to figure out sequence. Did what you said and finally finished the level…

    1. @Sue,

      It’s a tough one alright – feels good to get through it huh? I need to put some more clever puzzle type levels in, as many are more focused on timing and accuracy.


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